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Dorinthia Robinson

Brown Deer School Board
Educate to Empower

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Being a member of the board for these past few years has been very rewarding and also intensely challenging. During my tenure we have managed shifts in administration, the pandemic (and all that has come with that) and the ever-changing educational environment. I realize now more than ever the significance of my involvement and look forward to the continued opportunity to serve the community in this role.

It is our responsibility as leaders of this community to ensure our student's current and future success. I believe that serving on the board enables me to make true and lasting impact on our youth. Each young person deserves an equal opportunity of education and development in an environment that will encourage their growth and empower them to be successful.

Many complain about the state of the youth and our communities, but I strive to continuously serve the community in ways that will help to make it better. Our youth are often dealt a bad hand and are required to deal with situations that many adults can't even imagine. The last place that we want that to reinforce the negative environments is while they are in an educational setting. I believe that being a part of the school board affords me the opportunity to impact students in the spaces that they spend a significant amount of time and receive some of their greatest influences.



Regular Board Meetings happen on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6pm.

Board Work Sessions happen on the second Tuesday of the month at 6pm.

All meetings are held at the District Office at 8200 N. 60th St.

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