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Educate to Empower

I have a Masters level education and professional designations in the areas of Information Technology and Project Management. My undergraduate studies focused on Sociology with an emphasis on youth studies and the societal impacts on their behaviors.  


Community Involvement

My involvement within the community is often centered around my passion to help young people achieve greatness and live their best lives. I have pursued my passion often as a volunteer and in many ways to include being a community advocate, mentor, facilitator, education & career coach and substitute teacher. My involvement with the many different programs in addition to or in concert with my day job shows my commitment to youth and their overall wellbeing. I am currently a member of the  Brown Deer School Board and serve as the Vice President. I would love to have your vote to continue my commitment to educate our youth and empower our community.


I have always had a passion for working with youth even while I myself was a youth. I always stepped up for leadership roles and looked for ways to assist and pave the way for youth to achieve greatness. Prior to moving to Milwaukee, I worked with youth in the community in various capacities to include as a substitute teacher. Since moving to the Milwaukee area, I have remained involved with various youth serving programs to include volunteering with Pathways for College, PEARLS for Teen Girls, The Boys & Girls Club and Lead2Change. Over the past couple of years, I have started to increase my involvement with youth in the Brown Deer area as well. For the 2016-2017 school year, I served as an advisor for the Achiever's Program at the Rite Hite YMCA facilitating workshops with teens twice a month. I was acknowledged by the YMCA as the 2017 Adult Achiever of the Year for my overall involvement with that program. 


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