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I believe that we should provide our young people with the opportunity to obtain a quality education in an environment that supports their growth and empowers them to be successful. As a current member of the Brown Deer School Board, I would love to have your vote to continue my commitment to our youth and our community.
Quality Education

I believe that we should provide every student in the community with a quality education regardless of their socioeconomic status. Each young person deserves an equal opportunity for success and development in an environment that will encourage their growth and development as productive members of the community. Providing an atmosphere of care and support will encourage them to give back physically and financially to the community that contributed to their development.

Community Partnerships

The Brown Deer School District has so much potential with being one of the most diverse 4K-12th grade districts in the state of Wisconsin. I would like to work towards ensuring student's success by continuing to support the mission, vision and values of the district and provide opportunities of exposure to various career options available through community partnerships that will help students know that those within the community supports them and are willing to help them achieve in every way possible. It is our responsibility as leaders of this community to ensure our students current and future successes. 

Fiduciary Responsibility

I believe that the board has the fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the funds that are allocated to support the education of our children are invested wisely and that they are dispersed as efficiently as possible. Our students are entitled to a quality education which will prepare them to succeed in life and influence every decision that they make in the future. It is the board’s responsibility to do all that they can to positively impact the building of that foundation. I also believe that teachers have one of the most underappreciated and thankless jobs on the planet. Working to provide them with the necessary resources will lessen the stress of needing the bare necessities to do that job. 

Parental Engagement

I would like to better engage parents and community members within the district. There are many activities and projects happening and it could be helpful for community members to not only be able to attend board meetings but also be able to access correspondence that will keep them informed of what is happening and the recent decisions of the board in a format that is easy for them to consume and understand. 

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